Our team of experienced consultants at Harvey Hughes understand the need to critically assess business performance, to define where the business is financially and to allow clear, concise targets to be formulated for the short, medium and long term objectives. It is essential that all those involved make informed choices to secure their success and happiness. We provide independent, professional and confidential advice on all business planning matters.

Our team has the skills and knowledge to produce a variety of budgets such as partial, production, gross margin, fixed cost and cashflow budgets. We also pride ourselves in the monitoring of business performance tailored to each business requirement whether this is annual, quarterly, monthly or even weekly management reviews. We use management accounts and production monitoring software to manage and oversee that a business is on budget to meet targets and objectives.

We have the experience, knowledge and connections to conduct in depth market analysis of your farming and diversification enterprises. This information combined with accurate budgeting and monitoring is critical to any business planning to optimise business profitability.



Cumbria is home to one third of England’s common land, so we are naturally involved with them on a number of farms we deal with.

Common land issues can be very complicated, for a number of reasons – mainly the number of people involved. We are hoping that Cumbria is able to form a commons council; a legal entity that can aid the resolution off issues. We aim to play an active part in such organisations and will gladly assist clients in any issues over leasing grazing rights or entering stewardship agreements on commons.

It is thought that the future of Agricultural support will be focused in these areas, so entering environmental schemes as a commons association can be lucrative but complicated. Our expertise in dealing with both common land and stewardships means we can help you, or your commons association, with getting the contract that is right for you.


Many Farmers believe they do not need to think about succession until they come to retire.  In reality, they should be making plans for the future much earlier.  Tenants and owner occupiers alike both need to have a succession plan in place. Though taxation is a fundamental driver, implementing a family plan is equally important. As such, all members of the family should be invited to the table; thereby joining into an agreed plan and avoiding all the possible pit falls. HarveyHughes are experts in succession planning, having used their professional expertise on a countless number of cases.



HarveyHughes have a professional team who can assist farmers with the production of their business strategy plan covering the next year, five years, ten years and beyond. It should always be considered that a farm needs to consider doubling its output every ten years in order to maintain real profit. HarveyHughes are able to support the farmer in their day-to-day management decisions such as grassland management and herd performance to achieve this goal. This service covers both the financial and practical issues facing the farmer.


We have specialist consultants who can organise and manage group purchasing and selling of agricultural inputs and outputs to maximise business profitability. Many farming businesses can take advantage of bulk purchase whilst leaving the buying to a specialist person saving you time and money. Not many businesses take advantage of bulk selling whereby livestock and produce can be traded at improved prices with less commission. Our experienced consultants can also look at current cooperative business structures and provide recommendation on reducing risks, mergers and cost savings within the cooperative its self.


Harvey Hughes have had significant  and proven success in gaining planning permission whether it is a new barn, a conversion of agricultural building to residential, Slurry lagoons/towers, change of use to non-agriculture and AD Plants. We can also provide the most appropriate procedure and prospect in appealing a planning decisions.



We have a specialist consultant who holds a certificate from The Institute of Leadership & Management to apply lean production and Improvement methodologies to operational problems associated with dairy herd management. Lean Management was first developed by Toyota manufacturing in the 1950’s and has been introduced in many large scale dairy processing plants within the UK and the techniques are now starting to be used within dairy farming. Lean management will look to reduce all unnecessary operational waste whilst looking to add value to the business. There are many occasions where Lean principles will find the root cause of many technical problems on farm.


Contract farming arrangements offer farmers/landowners the opportunity to remain in control of the business whilst working with a specialist contractor who can provide the expertise and machinery to carry out the work. Grazing/cropping agreements are ideal for short periods enabling the landowner to remain in control and be eligible for BPS. Harvey Hughes can advise on all matters regarding contract farming and license agreements to suit individual business’s needs.


Beef and Sheep nutrition is vital in achieving optimum performance and profitability of your business. Whether that’s by utilising home grown forage or analysing rations to check its providing the necessary daily requirements. Harvey Hughes can provide that independent advice.


With volatility being the only thing that is certain within agriculture, many farmers look to diversification for extra sources of income and to spread the risk of their investments.

Diversification comes in many forms and can depend on the location, infrastructure and resources of the farm. It also depends highly on the enthusiasm, skill set and aspirations of the people delivering the project. Our aim is to harness all of the above and guide you through the enterprise that suits you.



Whether running beef, sheep, dairy ,  intensive or extensive, grassland and forage management is crucial.  Through our extensive knowledge on both grazing and conserved forages, we can advise on how to maximise the output from your land and get the most from your forage.

Planning can be difficult due to variables such as weather, soil type and grass varieties, but with the right protocols in place, they can be highly effective ways of producing high quality forage and therefore reducing reliance on bought in feeds.


Whether running beef, sheep, dairy ,  intensive or extensive, grassland and forage management is crucial.  Through our extensive knowledge on both grazing and conserved forages, we can advise on how to maximise the output from your land and get the most from your forage.