Water Capital Grants forms part of the new Countryside Stewardship scheme. Farmers and land owners can apply for a grant to help pay for capital works to reduce diffuse water pollution. The maximum available grant for each application is £10,000. Farmers with land in a priority catchment target area can only apply. Harvey Hughes can provide the expertise to identify issues on famer that contribute to water diffusion and advise on the most practical solution.



The means by which the Government will provide support to agriculture are uncertain beyond the year 2020, when the current agreement with the European Union will end.


Currently, we are still operating under the Basic Payment Scheme that came into place in 2015. Despite the attempts to make the scheme purely online, the process is still far from perfect. We have committed a great deal of time to becoming experts in the area.


Harvey Hughes are able to work as agents, on behalf of clients, to take control of all matters regarding the scheme to ensure you are paid correctly. This includes the application process, trading of entitlements and dealing with queries or inspections on all areas of cross compliance.



The application process for Environmental Stewardship Schemes are becoming ever more complicated and points scored. Harvey Hughes have the expertise to help complete applications form for Countryside Stewardship whether Mid-Tier or Higher, woodland management Boundary grants, Growth Programme, LEADER funding and Forestry and woodland Management.



Farmers with land in NVZs must comply with SMR (Statutory Management Requirements) regarding storing, spreading of manufactured fertiliser and manures to reduce water pollution. Harvey Hughes have FACTS qualified consultants who can advise on crops requirements and DEFRA’S 4 point plan.


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