The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF)

  • Post last modified:March 30, 2023
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The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) grant is a contribution towards the cost of buying new technology or equipment to help improve farm productivity, the environment, animal health and welfare and management of slurry.

Two themes have been introduced this year with separate application windows and timelines, these themes are:

  • Theme 1 – Productivity and Slurry
  • Theme 2 – Animal Health and Welfare

We are nearing the end of the deadline for the Productivity and Slurry theme applications which will close at midday on 4th April 2023.

The Animal Health and Welfare applications will be open from 23rd March 2023 until midday on 15th June 2023. The minimum grant has been reduced to £1,000 per theme and you can apply for a total grant of up to £25,000 per theme.

Farmers that secured grant funding under the first round can reapply for up to £25,000 per theme again in this round. It is likely in the future there will be a cap on the combined grant amount you can claim under the FETF but for this year at least, the door is wide open for many more farmers to benefit from up to £50,000 (max of £25,000 under Productivity & Slurry, and max of £25,000 under Animal Health and Welfare).

Please contact us on or call 0161 927 7562 to discuss further and for help applying.